Small Business Websites are Our Business

What makes a professional looking small business website?

It's the Big things...

  • Big, eye-catching images
  • Content that communicates who you are and your value proposition
  • Well designed layout that is simple to navigate
  • Looks great on Mobile devices (This is a REALLY big thing)

...and the little things.

  • Links that work
  • Content that is up to date
  • Favicons (that's the little image that shows in the browser tab)
  • No Typos!
  • A contact email address that uses your site's url instead of gmail or yahoo. Like

New Sites

If you are reading this, you know your small business or non-profit needs a great website. You understand your business and your clients. We understand how to help your potential clients and find you and make sure that your message doesn't get lost in a unsatisfying user experience. Let us partner with you to present a professional image, quickly and at an affordable cost.

We use WordPress which allows us to build great-looking sites quickly (which means low-cost). And we can use plug-ins and custom coding to give you the functions you want. Once your site is built or updated, we can provide ongoing maintenance or teach you how to update the content yourself.

As with all our services, we aren't done with your website until you are completely satisfied. We take the time to understand you and your business so that our design recommendations fully represent who you are and provide a delightful user experience. We can also recommend and build the best online solutions, such as online forms and connected apps, to streamline your processes and help you do more with less.

Makeover Existing Site

Your business has a website and it is full of great content about your business. But it isn’t making the awesome first impression you need it to (it takes less than a second for users to form an opinion about your business based on your website) or it is not providing a user experience that wows your current customers.

The number one reason for updating a website is because it was not designed to look good on mobile devices. Currently, half of all web browsing takes place on phones and tablets, and that number is rising. Additionally, older sites, even if originally designed professionally, can have unsupported code and broken links and were not designed with today’s SEO (search engine optimization) protocols in mind.

Maybe your site is newer, but you used a Do-It-Yourself site builder and you are just not happy with the result.

Regardless of the issues, we can give you a fresh, up-to-dated, professionally designed look. We will make sure your site is responsive and looks good on any device. We can add up-to-date SEO elements. We can add new functionality like contact forms, social media links, a calendar, or even a blog.

Because you already have a site, you already have content, images, a domain name and hosting. Using these elements as a foundation, we can redesign your site quickly and inexpensively.

Webmaster Services

Look familiar? If you have a WordPress site that is more than a few months old, you have Plugins that need to be updated. Your Theme may also need an update. If the site is a year old, you may need your PHP (the language of websites) updated. This requires dealing with your hosting service. But be careful--updates can break your site! If you try to do the updates yourself, you might break the whole thing, including the WordPress dashboard.

Do you have a site you are perfectly happy with? Except…you would like to be able to keep the content fresh. And fix that broken link. Or have someone (someone besides you) moderate your blog post comments. We can provide webmaster services by the hour or on retainer. We are responsive and professional. Let us know how we can take web worries off your plate and let you do what you do best—run your business.

Plugin Updates Needed

Get peace of mind and a marketing edge for $35.00 a month.

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Does your small business need a website? Or does your current website need a make-over?

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